Scotchies Red Stripe Yard Style Jerk

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Are you a lover of spicy foods? Want to experience the real taste of Jamaica Jerk while enjoying a refreshing icy cold Red Stripe Beer or some Jamaican Rum Punch. Then Scothcies is the place for you. Jerk food The Scotchies Red Stripe Yard Style Jerk Centre is located on Montego Bay’s elegant corridor just outside the main town of Montego Bay.

The jerk food at Scotchies is seasoned and cooked to perfection with a scrumptious barbecue/grilled flavour, cooked in the traditional style, over open-flame barbeques over pimento wood. Spicy jerk chicken and pork are unique to Scotchies however, a tasty jerk fish is also available, along with a variety of side dishes such as;rice and peas, roast yam, breadfruit, potatoes, festivals and corn. Meals are served wrapped in foil-wraps and is available to eat-in or take-out.

The restaurant is situated in an outdoors environment and is quite casual and very authentic in appearance, containing wooden tables, barrel stools and grass-like thatch umbrellas.


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