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‘Eating Green’ Cafe- DLE Cafe

‘Eating Green’ Cafe- DLE Cafe According to the Oxford dictionary , vegan means a person who does not eat meat , milk, or eggs or use animal products such as leather or wool . Further, living green in a nut shell simply means making a conscious decision, to improve the health of the planet and its creatures (,2016). Which leads me to this question, firstly, “... »


Bob Marley Nine Mile Tour Jamaica

Bob Marley was an icon of the 1960s and a pioneer of the soulful and popular music scene Reggae.  Bob Marley Tour is something that just cannot be missed, for Reggae fans, and anyone who just appreciates great music. Located in the beautifully scenic St. Ann Parish, The Nine Mile Tour Jamaica offers fans of Bob Marley and even those just curious of the Reggae scene of Jamaica. Get insight into the... »


The Ideal Getaway for Offbeat Travelers

The Ideal Getaway for Offbeat Travelers – Somerset Falls The tropical holiday island of Jamaica is one of the best places you can think of for a vacation. The friendly, party loving people of the island know how to have fun and there’s a lot on the island to see. One of the best places to visit on the island are the Somerset Falls. Located in the middle of a lush green tropical forest,... »

Jamaica Helicopter Transfers & Tours

Jamaica Helicopter Transfers & Tours

Jamaica Helicopter Transfers & Tours inclusive of air taxi, helicopter rentals, Montego Bay helicopter transfers, helicopter charters, aircraft rentals, Kingston Airport private helicopter flights as well as heli’ service.  The flights offered are extremely fast, simple and very affordable. We offer flights which are secure and dependable. Jamaica Helicopter Transfers & Tours provide... »