Jamaica Helicopter Transfers & Tours

Jamaica Helicopter Transfers & Tours

Jamaica Helicopter Transfers & Tours inclusive of air taxi, helicopter rentals, Montego Bay helicopter transfers, helicopter charters, aircraft rentals, Kingston Airport private helicopter flights as well as heli’ service.  The flights offered are extremely fast, simple and very affordable. We offer flights which are secure and dependable. Jamaica Helicopter Transfers & Tours provide... »


Top 10 Tips for the Ultimate Jamaican Vacation

Jamaica’s beauty and charm makes it an alluring vacation destination year round with its warm tropical climate, beautiful beaches, thrilling attractions and so much more. Here the choices seem endless and this can become overwhelming, so here’s a list of our top 10 tips for the ultimate Jamaican vacation. Tip #1 Know where to swim The azure waters are calm and warm all year round with a myriad of ... »

Emancipation Park New Kingston Jamaica

Emancipation Park New Kingston Jamaica

Smack dab in the middle of the metropolitan area of Kingston is the oasis of greenery and tranquility of Emancipation Park. Relax, eat lunch, chat with friends or if you’re an active person , take advantage of the 500m jogging track around the park’s perimeter, there is also a permanent stage where concerts and shows can be held. The Liguanea Club donated 7 acres of its 35 acre estate to the... »

Appleton Rum, Black River Safari & Y.S. Falls All Inclusive Tour

The Black River Safari Eco Tour

  Jamaica’s natural ecosystem allows for the exploration and enjoyment of this beautiful island whether it’s beneath the ocean floor or at the country’s highest peak. Delve into a place where history meets beauty and man is one with nature on the Black River Safari Tour. Discover Jamaica’s south coast on this thrilling and awe-inspiring tour of the Black River that gives the town it is locate... »


Jamaica’s National Monument Devon House

One of the islands landmarks The Devon House Mansion is the dream-child of millionaire George Stiebel. Mr. Stiebel’s legacy lives on with the beautifully maintained Devon House, which was declared a national monument in 1990 by the Jamaica National Heritage Trust. The architectural style of Devon House has been described as Jamaican-Georgian. The Georgian style came about in England when four King... »

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