‘Eating Green’ Cafe- DLE Cafe


‘Eating Green’ Cafe- DLE Cafe

According to the Oxford dictionary , vegan means a person who does not eat meat , milk, or eggs or use animal products such as leather or wool . Further, living green in a nut shell simply means making a conscious decision, to improve the health of the planet and its creatures (Globalecolabelling.net,2016). Which leads me to this question, firstly, “How can our bodies, by ‘eating green,’ positively impact the environment?” In other words , “How can choosing to eat right, help makes the environment better?” Hmmnn, Is there a link? Lastly, “What makes DLE Cafe the ultimate ‘eating green’ cafe?”

Like Dora the explorer, let us explore the possible correlation and highlights, as follows:

Being ‘nice’ to animals can lengthen your lifeĀ 

When I say nice , I mean not eating animals. Let me admit, this is challenging for the beginner vegan and might I add I am not a vegan. However, research has shown that more than 120,000 men and women, found that the more they ate red meat ; the root cause would be cancer and even heart diseases. Thankfully , DLE Cafe caters to every vegan lover, and might I add, people like myself who are trying to eat healthy .

Good food equals deliciousĀ 

You can be sure to eat delicious cost effective, non red meat based foods. Hence, some foods you will be able to feast upon, are wraps, flat breads, bagels and pan cakes. I did not know that real healthy foods could be so delicious and I can taste as well as feel the love in every bite. Please note, though, that every meal is done to order. Some benefits of done to order meals are :

  • Freshness
  • Reduction of food waste


Eating green contributes positively to the environment

As a result ‘eating green’ not only prevents cancer and heart diseases but not killing animals contributes positively to the environment. Further, killing animals contributes to the already 18% of human produced green house gas (theconversation.com,2017). Additionally, not wasting food, will not allow gases from rotten foods to escape into the atmosphere (forbes,2018).

DLE Cafe the ultimate ‘eating green’ cafe

  • Customer service- Polite , friendly and clean staff
  • Tasty meals and smoothies- Cost effective , health conscious , corporate role; in contributing positively towards the environment
  • Quiet atmosphere- A great place to sit and work peacefully, while you full your tummy
  • Reading corner- Read a book while you wait
  • Wifi access- Exceptional wifi service
  • Layout- Gives a at-home-feeling
  • Clean environment-

Dine at DLE Cafe today; eat right, live right ! You can find DLE Cafe at Shop #4 Unit 11, Fairview Shopping Center Montego Bay.

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