Adrenaline Zip Line and River Tubing with Adventure Falls


Are you ready for the most unforgettable Zip Line and River Tubing adventure?We will pick you up from your hotel or cruise ship pier and take you on the adventure of a lifetime up in the hills of Jamaica.You will receive instructions and a safety briefing,on the first Zip-line you will be whisk 500 feetĀ  across a tropical valley from a platform over 300ft high.If you are a adventurer you can climb the outside pole or you can use the stairs.For the thrill seekers the second Zip-line is even more daring,you climb up a pole attached to a safety harness free-fall for 15ft before the zip-line catches and whisk you over to the other side.You ca also do the third zip-line which is the longest 1100ft across the valley and 45ft above the ground.